About SKAC

SKAC’s Mission

To facilitate the creation and growth of “KOSHER” to both new and existing food establishments in the supermarket, restaurant and retail categories, locally here in Stamford, as well as extending to other communities in Lower Fairfield County, Connecticut.


Founded in 2005, by long time Stamford, CT resident, Avi Greif, who after retiring from many years as a member of the Board of Directors of the Young Israel of Stamford, began to develop SKAC, as a way to bring the convenience and variety of “kosher” to the community.

Avi created the committee, made up of local kosher customers from various local synagogues and hail from varied backgrounds, who are dedicated to the mission of creation, growth and maintenance of local kosher establishments.

Mr. Greif’s background in “Kosher”, began in High School as a waiter for a kosher caterer, then soon, as a Maitre Di for small kosher events. Later, he helped to open a kosher butcher & deli shop, working with store management and the Rabbis who were providing / overseeing kosher supervision.

His eventual professional work in marketing, in combination with his kosher experience, helped to bring about the concept of SKAC.

Starting with the local Stop & Shop supermarket and working with both corporate and local managers, to supply and have more kosher availability, their annual Passover center aisle section, developed to being the largest in the chain, in Connecticut.

One of SKAC’s most recent success stories is the conversion to kosher of Navaratna, a local downtown restaurant, serving Vegetarian Indian fare, with the kosher supervising assistance of the Vaad HaKashrus of Fairfield County.

To date – All establishments that SKAC has associated with, still remain in business today, providing kosher products and services to local customers.

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