THU, JULY 28, 2011

In honor of everyone celebrating a birthday tomorrow, July 29th (tic) – Fairway is introducing Kosher rotisserie chickens, located directly across from the current Glatt Kosher Meat, Kosher chicken case, at the rear of the store.

Fairway will soon be carrying a line of “Cholov Yisroel” supervised dairy product brands, available in the near future.

Fairway management will also begin to reach out to all the schools, Jewish organizations and synagogues in the Fairfield County market, with a variety of programs that will assist these organizations with their events.

Please Stay Tuned –

You can check out the kosher updates on the news above by going to www.skaconline.com

Have A Great Summer –
Eat & Enjoy !
Shabbat Shalom,

Avi Greif

REMINDER – As the SKAC is NOT the “Kosher Police “ , we therefore suggest, as always, that you check with your Rabbinical leader / advisor, with any questions you may have with any kosher supervising organization.

As always, remember to check the kosher certificate at every kosher supervised store location, before your purchase, to ensure that your order meets the kosher guidelines for that establishment !

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