THU, JULY 28, 2011
COSTCO (Norwalk, CT) –

Many of our local Kosher customers have been quite vocal regarding the removal of the fresh Kosher case at COSTCO (Norwalk, CT), that featured bothEmpire brand Kosher Poultry varieties and a selection of Solomon’s brand Glatt Kosher Beef products.

So much so, that it has been, by far, the largest response to SKAC for a local Kosher issue, in quite a long time.

SKAC, at the request of local store management, recently contacted COSTCO corp. HQ in Virginia and discussed the issue with their decision makers on this very topic.

As expected, it’s all a numbers game. If a product is introduced into the store and is moving according to expected sales levels, it stays. Should the product not sustain those expected sales numbers, it’s replaced with products with a better track record.

The concepts of niche marketing and seasonal sales, as it relates to the Kosher market was introduced by SKAC to corp. management, where upon, management agreed with the input SKAC provided.

The status has now has been revised from no more fresh meat & poultry Kosher product availability, to the possibility of renewing the fresh Kosher case, pending a review.

Ultimately – should COSTCO decide to reinstate the fresh kosher case, it can only be sustained by an increase in sales numbers.

Therefore – all those customers who were so vocal on losing the section, will hopefully be able to have an opportunity to “walk the walk”, and keep the fresh Kosher case for years to come.

SKAC will keep you posted on the outcome of COSTCO’s review.

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