TUE, MARCH 31, 2015
By : Avi Greif

As we celebrate 11 years since the founding of SKAC, we once again offer the local Fairfield County Kosher community a little insight to local (5) store Passover shopping to help make your Kosher food shopping experience a little easier.

SKAC has been working closely with the Costco location in Norwalk, CT for the past 8 years. Passover items are available again in the refrigerated Kosher aisle (adjacent to the produce cold box) – Meal Mart brand Chopped Chicken Liver, Matzo Ball Soup, Spare Ribs, Pot Roast, Kosher & Natural brand Assorted Cheeses. New York Deli brand Corned Beef & Turkey. Please ask Tom Daly (store manager) for assistance.

Once again our friends at Stop & Shop Ridgeway are featuring their quality Passover section, located in the center (#4 & #5) aisle. Frozen items will be found at the “endcap” frozen case across from the dairy / milk area, which should be labeled accordingly. Klein’s brand Ice cream variety will be available for the holidays in the frozen case. Refrigerated items will be found in the usual kosher dairy case, next to the regular refrigerated dairy / milk items. As always, please check packaging for Kosher for Passover use. Please ask Pat (store manager) for assistance

The Fairway Market will also be setting up their Passover Section, with a large variety of grocery, baked goods and of course, fresh butcher meats and poultry. Check the signage for Passover frozen and dairy items. Most Passover grocery items should be located in the rear of the store, running from the kosher butcher dept. leading into the bakery dept. Please ask Robert Reinisch (store manager) for assistance.

Shop Rite / Grade A at Newfield Green has set up a 20 foot Passover dry grocery section as you walk in to the store. Packaged Glatt Kosher Meats and Kosher Poultry will be available in the cold case at the rear of the store. Sodas will be available both in the Passover section and of course in the regular soda aisle. Feel free to pick up a Shop Rite Kosher for Passover book in rear of courtesy desk to check on other Passover store items. Please ask Michael Campos for assistance.

A & P on High Ridge road (adjacent to the Merritt Pkwy) has basic Passover grocery items at the front end caps at aisles 3, 5 & 6. Please check signage. Empire fresh chicken is available for the holidays at the rear of the store. Large frozen Empire turkeys are available as well. Please ask Tony Cuccaro (store manager) for assistance.

Please consult with Rabbi Fred Hyman, President of the ( VKFC ) Fairfield County Vaad, with any kosher supervision questions or concerns you may have. Rabbi Hyman can be reached at rebfred@hotmail.com

Eat & Enjoy. Chag Kasher V’ Sameach,

REMINDER – As the SKAC is NOT the “Kosher Police “ , we therefore suggest, as always, that you check with your Rabbinical leader / advisor, with any questions you may have with any kosher supervising organization.

As always, remember to check the kosher certificate at every kosher supervised store location, before your purchase, to ensure that your order meets the kosher guidelines for that establishment !

Avi Greif is the Chairman of the (SKAC) Stamford Kosher Activists Committee, you can reach him at avig1@optonline.net.

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